Dr. Stephen Lamont

Veterinary Surgeon

Dr. Stephen Lamont
Dr. Stephen Lamont BVMS(Hons) MRCVS Veterinary Surgeon

"I graduated from the University of Glasgow in Summer 2016 and returned to North Ayrshire, where I'd grown up. I started work at The Oaks Vets in July 2016, although you may have seen me around before then as I've done many of my placements before and during university here since 2009. I can be found around all of the four branches at various points during the week."

2017 was a big year for Stephen, he moved into his own house and married our lovely vet, Sarah.

Veterinary Interests
I'm particularly interested in surgery and also interested in the treatment of exotic species.

Furry Friends
It didn't take us long to acquire a cat from Cats Protection. In October 2017, Sarah and I adopted Archie, a naughty little black kitten.