Frankie Bell

Head Nurse

Frankie Bell
Frankie Bell RVN ISFM CertFN Head Nurse

I moved to Scotland from Bournemouth in 2007. Since moving here, I have worked in a variety of veterinary practices around Ayrshire. My career began with work experience in a small local vets and eventually I graduated from Barony College in 2010 and went on to the Register of Veterinary Nurses in April 2011.I started working at The Oaks in October 2014 and became Head Nurse in Jan 2017. I am also a clinical coach for some of our Student Veterinary Nurses. In March 2019 I completed a Certificate in Feline Nursing and enjoy sharing what I learnt with my colleagues so that we can make a cat's time with us less stressful and more feline friendly. I do still enjoy the variety of patient's I deal with and find it particularly rewarding when someone's beloved pet improves and is able to go home to it's family. 

Furry Friends

At home I have 2 carrot loving Guinea Pigs, Trump Pig and Obama Pig. I also have an elderly rescue Patterdale Terrier called Cookie who loves long walks in the woods, Alice the tabby cat and Binx, my beautiful black cat that I have had since she was a week old!